Issue 1


Dear CLEW fans,

as promised, here is the first issue of our new CLEW® Magazine! Instead of your standard newsletter, we want to offer you an exciting reading experience that will have you dreaming of fresh powder while on the go. CLEW Magazine is released once a month and provides you with exciting insights into various topics regarding our company.  

You will be very close to our operational and strategic decisions and all developments around our product and our company. You will also be right there when innovative ideas for new products are created by our design team and our marketing department releases new beanies, hoodies or videos. In addition, we would also like to introduce you to our favorite slopes and mountain accommodations. And of course you will learn all about all the important tips and tricks about snowboarding. Look forward not only to lots of snow this winter, but also to plenty of exciting topics in the brand-new CLEW® Magazine.

How much CLEW® do you want to discover?

We want to constantly stay in touch with you! Whether in face-to-face conversations on the slopes or via our social media channels. Every single message makes us very happy, because your feedback allows us to grow on many different levels. In addition to the key points mentioned above, we have many other topics in mind – but the most important thing for us is: What would you like to learn and read more about? We are curious about your wishes and suggestions already! The best way is to send an email directly to or via direct message on InstagramIssue 1 of our CLEW® Magazine takes you on a journey through the most diverse topics – from our production facilities in Miesbach to a snowboard collaboration with an innovative manufacturer from Spain that is planned for the upcoming season. We would also like to tell you about: What happens if parts cannot be produced on time due to COVID-19? And what happened to our office remodel? What is a robot doing in our production line and is the new website ready and online. Look forward to our answers in the new CLEW® Magazine. Not available at the store – but right in your inbox! ;)