Issue 4


Hey CLEW fans,

the first snow has fallen, and the first snowboarders have already tested the fresh slopes! Despite the new Corona circumstances in Austria, we are very happy that the lifts and slopes will stay open for you to continue snowboarding. As always, we appreciate your numerous messages. Your joy about the CLEW binding is what motivates us to do our best every day! 

In fact, we also noticed in one of our polls on social media that just under 70% of our fans thought there were more than 14 of us on staff. In fact, we are only five, which makes us all the more proud ;) When asked where our HQ is located, 80% guessed correctly that it was Munich.

Within a very short time we have hit the 4,000 followers mark on Instagram and are now striving to reach 10K. We are very happy about your support, be it liking, commenting or sharing our stories. Please continue to tag us as many times as you do, we love seeing and featuring on your posts! Another thank you for your feedback on our video of the production on YouTube - complete transparency in the production process is something that we value from the very beginning! 

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We received our collaboration snowboards from Moonchild in November and quickly sent them out to our pre-order customers. Every single board has its own numbered badge and is therefore unique. There are only 30 pieces of CLEW x Moonchild worldwide!

In the middle of last month, after slight delays, our shipment finally arrived in the US. With our own fulfillment center, we will be able to ship any order extremely fast within the US as well as Canada in the future. Our US website has only been online for a short time, but one of the four variants (size L, color white) is already out of stock.

What's new on the US website?   

To provide more flexibility and scalability, we have moved to web design 2.0. This provides a significant improvement in our page speed for a smoother user experience. In addition, we have been able to implement our unique corporate design even better. In summary, the individual pages look lively and feature a modern design as well as clear structures.

Parallel to our launch of the new US website, one of our team flew to the USA to personally take care of a smooth distribution. The demand from the States is very high and with JJ Thomas, the US Headcoach, we have a great supporter who loves the CLEW bond and additionally serves as a link between us and US Pro Riders. Our CLEW US Rider Team will therefore grow continuously.  

Thanks to requests from America from snowboard youtubers, some new reviews about the CLEW will be uploaded to YouTube in the near future. We are looking forward to that and are already very excited about every single review. In November, we signed more CLEW team riders to Team Europe, whom you can see on the portrait. 

In addition, we have expanded our cooperation with Snowboard Germany / DSV, so that we could now inspire and win snowboard teachers and their instructors for CLEW.

At the end of November, we started the pre-order of the size S. It goes from size EU34-38 and is available for pre-order at Early Bird price on for Europe, and on for the US and Canada. We will start shipping them fresh from our production in October 2022. 

As we look to significantly increase our quantities for the coming years, we've been looking at other potential CLEW production facilities in our region. We'll reveal more in February. 
We are part of the exciting film project "Innsbruck.Powder.People." . The film premiered in mid-November at the FFF, the biggest free ride film event in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

After many winter seasons and worldwide competitions at the highest level, professional free rider Neil Williman lands in Innsbruck (Austria). Along with talented locals, powered by CLEW, they discover the paradisiacal mountains of Tirol during the global pandemic 20/21. The movie reveals that you don't have to be in a big-budget-movie traveling with helicopters or snow mobiles: with public transport you can still get to places worth filming.

Merchandise: We have reordered our popular CLEW hoodies and ordered additional white t-shirts with exclusive CLEW logo embroidery.


We are now running at top form! Now is the time for winter, snow and fun. We go shooting with our teamriders in Austria and Switzerland. Not only are we creating new images and videos, but we're also shooting high-quality new commercials. Look forward to creative content on all our social media channels. Speaking of Austria and Switzerland, we have a big try-out tour coming up in December and January. Meet, chat and test the new model FREEDOM 1.0 of CLEW - free of charge and directly on the slopes. All dates can be found on

Furthermore, you can look forward to our big raffle in the middle of December!  

We just say: CLEW Snowboard ;) 

Step-in and keep riding  

Your CLEW Team