Progressive design. Uncompromising performance. Maximum comfort.

CLEW® step-in snowboard bindings are fast and easy to use. They give you an outstanding riding experience and free choice of boots.

Genuine step-in and ratchet binding in one product

Click, click and your boot fits perfectly. Ready to ride!


Designed to last!

The CLEW® Freedom 1.0 (22/23) binding sets new standards in terms of usability and durability. Our new footbeds are not only 40% lighter, they also provide improved shock absorption. To match this, we have also optimized the material of our highback pads and given them our characteristic new "hexagon" design. For the toestraps and adjustment straps, we also rely on a new material composition that guarantees much better impact resistance. Even at extreme temperatures down to -40°F.


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Your advantages

With our patented locking mechanism, the entry works even in deep powder and when ice forms on the binding. The high-quality buckles and straps made of cold-resistant TPU give you the precisely fitting feeling of a ratchet binding. The CLEW® harmonizes with any boot and board - you have the freedom of choice.

  • Snow & ice resistant

    Due to two engagement levels and the special geometry, the closure works even with snow or ice on the binding.

  • Works with any boot

    No matter what brand your boot or snowboard is - the binding of CLEW® fits perfectly!

  • Easy-Open-Handle

    Pull once and you can get out of your snowboard binding in a second!

  • Unsurpassed riding experience

    The CLEW® binding combines the unsurpassed feel of a buckle binding with the quick entry and exit!

Gooz Reviews - YouTuber from the US

In this video Mark shows a detailed unboxing and set up of the CLEW® Freedom 1.0

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We produce in Germany.

With our production in Germany we keep the delivery routes very short and the quality extremely high. We are particularly proud to be able to include the workshop for people with disabilities in Miesbach (Bavaria) in our production processes. There, smaller sub-assemblies are manufactured with the utmost care and quality standards and assembled by hand. For more than 45 years Oberland Werkstätten GmbH has been offering people with disabilities precisely tailored vocational qualification placements, professional guidance and educational support. The focus is on individual career planning and personality development. The goal is clear: to offer people with disabilities around Munich attractive jobs close to their homes and the best possible support and integration.

Limited stock. 2022/23


CLEW® means outstanding quality. From manufacturing to customer service.

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