Freedom 1.0 2024/25
Made in Germany.

Progressive design. Uncompromising performance. Maximum comfort.

CLEW® Step-in snowboard bindings are quick and easy to use. They give you a superior riding experience and the freedom to choose your boots.

Click, click and your boot fits perfectly.

Genuine Step-in and ratchet binding in one product

Made in Germany - designed to last!

The CLEW® Freedom 1.0 snowboard binding sets a new standard in ease of use and durability. Not only is our new footbed 40% lighter, it also offers improved shock absorption. We also used a new material composition for the straps, which provides much better impact resistance.

Your advantages

No matter what brand of boot or snowboard you have, CLEW® snowboard binding will fit perfectly!

Due to two engagement levels and the special geometry, we guarantee you a perfect entry and exit.

Pull once and you can get out of your snowboard binding in a second! Our release has the optimal position for the most intuitive exit.

Tighten the ratchets properly and experience an unparalleled ride. It feels just like the tried and true ratchet binding with the quick in and out!

Every aspect, from design to production, reflects a commitment to quality, durability, and performance. More information.

  • High-performance

    With our patented locking mechanism, the entry works even in deep powder and when ice forms on the binding. High-quality, cold-resistant TPU buckles and straps give you the snug feel of a ratchet binding. Our medium flex highback is ergonomically designed to fit your boots with a high quality EVA pad for increased control and feel when snowboarding. The CLEW® Step-in Snowboard Binding works with any boot and any board - the choice is yours!

Gooz Reviews

In this video Mark shows a detailed unboxing and set up of the CLEW® Freedom 1.0

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"Snowboarding is the freedom to go where you want, when you want. It's the confidence of knowing you can do anything you set your mind to. It's a chance to hang out with friends or take time for yourself. It's many things to many people, but it's never just a ride."