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Always thinking differently - thinking outside the box. Our environment faces a number of challenges that we at CLEW® also want to address. For us, this means making sustainable decisions and acting thoughtfully and responsibly at all times. We want to have a positive impact on the lives of the people we interact with, have as much fun together as possible with as little impact on the environment as possible.


We are driven by our own values in everything we do. We want to be respectful of each other and our environment.


Our products combine technological innovations and trend-setting design. Not only does this make us future-oriented, we are the future. We work hard every day to become even better and to optimize our processes.


Our community of athletes and visionaries spans the globe. We want to contribute to the technological advancement of a sport and leave our mark on it.

since 2017

Our values

Our values reflect those of a company founded by students and the minimalist style they live out in their everyday lives and snowboarding. Our values are invaluable. If we lose them, we lose everything.


We are role models, we have an impact on our society and we are full of respect for nature.

Our binding is "Made in Germany"!

With production in Germany, we keep delivery distances very short and quality extremely high. We work every day to become even better and to optimize our processes. For more than 45 years, Oberland Werkstätten GmbH has been offering people with disabilities precisely tailored vocational qualification places, professional guidance and educational support. The focus is on individual career planning and personality strengthening. The goal is clear: to offer people with disabilities around Munich attractive jobs close to home and the best possible support and integration. That is why we are particularly proud to be able to include the workshop for people with disabilities in Miesbach (Bavaria) in our production processes again. There, smaller subassemblies are manufactured and assembled by hand with the utmost care and quality. Our environment faces a number of challenges that we at CLEW also want to address. For us, this means making sustainable choices and acting thoughtfully and responsibly at all times. We know that we are only at the beginning of our journey towards greater sustainability, and we have set ourselves scientifically sound interim goals to reach our ultimate goal. We manufacture all CLEW bindings for more than 40 countries in our main production facility in accordance with the "wall-to-wall" principle. This means that production and shipping take place in the same place - which brings many environmental benefits. We try to send all ties by rail to various conveniently located ports and then by ship all over the world. Shipments are made by ship or rail wherever possible. Trucks are only used when there is no other reasonable delivery option. At CLEW, every effort is made to shift even more shipments to rail and ship.

Other advantages of highly centralized production: Innovative, efficient technologies can be deployed immediately, helping to conserve resources. In addition, state-of-the-art processes guarantee the highest product quality worldwide. We are aware that many components of our product are made of plastic, as safety-wise it is not possible to do otherwise at the current time. This is precisely why it is very important to us to reduce our additional plastic consumption as much as possible, both in product packaging and in production lines. As a result, we continue to use many wooden assembly units from previous years and are gradually eliminating unnecessary plastic from our production. We have also agreed with our parts suppliers to eliminate plastic packaging as much as possible, for example, not wrapping each individual highback in foil. At a time when globalization has given companies a wide variety of options for designing their production processes, we have chosen the only way that feels right to us. From the very beginning, we wanted all CLEW models to be produced in Germany so that we could control and optimize every single step of the manufacturing process ourselves. This applies not only to the quality of the binding, but also to the social responsibility we have for our employees in production and the resources we use. The challenging and difficult year 2021 has confirmed to us that the path "Made in Germany", with our conviction of a socially and sustainably acting company, is the right one. 

Mandatory helmet use: We want to lead the way, we want to be role models! To reduce the risk of injury on the slopes. We have decided to be a role model for today's and future generations so that everyone can ride down the slopes safely and have fun. Therefore, we have decided to only sign team riders who also support this safety behavior and will wear a helmet at upcoming photo shoots. We have ceased cooperation with two of our team riders, as they do not share this mindset.


Made in Germany

Your binding is assembled by hand and that's exactly what we are showing you.


Since our establishment in 2019, progress and innovation have been our top priority. We have established new materials, developed new products and grown continuously. Since the beginning, we believe in innovative ideas and pursue new ways to do so, based on our own research and development work.

Better is not a destination. It's a journey.

From new materials, crazy social media trends to better partnerships with our suppliers, we promise we won't stop improving.

Speed, innovation and creativity: these three traits not only define our startup, but are the foundation for CLEW's continued growth. We have a flat hierarchy, do without formal processes where possible, as well as reducing bureaucracy. The result is increased productivity in the development of CLEW. We want to change the entire sport of snowboarding and therefore make no compromises in our product development. We question every part of our binding over and over again, change it immediately if necessary, and thus ensure constant improvement. From the beginning, it was clear to us: A step-in snowboard binding is only sustainably successful if you do not compromise on the riding experience.

CLEW is always on the lookout for new materials, testing out new ideas and prototypes all year round in simulation or high on the mountain. As a young team, we are not satisfied with the state of current technology. We try out, test the limits of the material and put together new building blocks of a prototype several times in different ways. We want to be pioneers, not just see progress, but actively shape it and lead the way. This development and mindset run through our entire company. We want to improve all products of our assortment every year.

Never stand still, always keep moving - The key to sustainable progress!

New marketing strategies are created, tested, discarded and rethought again. Our content creations are in a constant state of flux to bring the real driving experience home to you. New exciting team riders join our CREW month after month.

We are making the CLEW website more innovative and user friendly each season to keep up with the digital times and new trends.

We are part of the exciting film project "Innsbruck Powder. People.". The film premiered at FFF, the biggest freeride film event in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. New Zealand professional freerider Neil Williman gets to know the international scene of Innsbruck freeriders with talented locals. Their mission: to find the most demanding faces using only public transport.

A motivated team brings the courage to achieve great things

We have the courage to implement new programs in the background. Our backend systems, including shipping, customer management and accounting, are being converted to an all-in-one software solution. This will optimize our warehouses, as well as the shipping process and significantly simplify the general workflow in CRM. Geo tracking of languages as well as currencies and an interactive FAQ are now an integral part of CLEW’s website 2.0. Not only are we improving online, but also offline we are moving into larger production halls and opening new offices.

We are thinking outside the box in all directions and establishing cooperations with companies like Moonchild and Snowboard Germany.

Our partnerships and certifications

Together we are strongest! In the development of both new and existing products, CLEW works closely with a number of partners and companies.


Their goal is to inspire confidence in technology and enable progress by managing technical risk and facilitating change.

As partners, they continuously work to add measurable value to our customers worldwide when it comes to quality and safety.


If the Internet were a country, it would have the world's sixth largest power consumption. Based on the monthly page views on clew-snowboarding.com of almost 100,000, Nature Office has calculated the CO2 emissions caused by our website and offset them via a climate protection project. Our money is used by the non-profit organization ecoCent e.V..


Trends and innovations are an essential part of the sports industry. The ISPO Awards offer a glimpse into the future of the sporting goods industry: outstanding products, new startups, and pioneering material innovations!


It is a worldwide known designation of origin, which stands as a seal of quality for services and quality goods, which are produced in Germany. At CLEW, development, design, production and quality assurance take place exclusively in Germany.


We are a team

With listening comes learning and growth: We are always looking forward to the exchange with you! Be it directly in conversations on the slopes or via our social media channels. Every single message makes us very happy, because your feedback helps us grow on many different levels. The feedback from our community is a decisive factor - it is thanks to you that we have grown so quickly. We love to hear every feedback and want to implement as many new ideas from you. Since the beginning of CLEW, we have felt a tremendous amount of trust in our technology. The support from our customers as well as our suppliers and distributors has been terrific.

You are very close to our operational and strategic decisions and all developments around our product and our company. In addition, you are live when innovative ideas for new products are created by our designers and our marketing department releases new merchandise, such as beanies or hoodies. Since day one, we have built on evolving with our customers. We want to invite YOU to help shape the future of CLEW. We create new products in close collaboration with our amazing community. Join us and become part of our CREW now! We would love to have you follow us on social media.

"Snowboarding is freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s the confidence of knowing you can do anything you put your mind to. It’s a chance to connect with friends or take time for yourself. It’s many things to many people but it’s never just a ride."

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